• Manufacturing Engineering,
  • Manufacturing System,
  • Sustainable Manufacturing,
  • Operation Research,
  • Modeling and Simulation of Manufacturing System,
  • Flexible Manufacturing System,
  • Six Sigma,
  • Material Science,
  • Petrinet Application to System Design
  1. R K University, Rajkot
  2. Gujarat Technological University, Chandkheda – Ahmedabad
  3. Rai University, Dholka, Ahmedabad
  1. Optimization of Casting Defects using ANN
  2. Design and Optimization Agriculture Product
  3. Sustainable Manufacturing and Green Manufacturing for Foundry Industries
  4. Design and Optimization of Centrifugal Blower
  5. Internet of Things
  6. Rolling Product defect minimization and sustainability


Sr. NoName of StudentUniversityStatusYear
1Dr. Shailee AcharyaRK University Rajkot Completed2017
2Dr. Priyank ParekhRK University Rajkot Completed2019
3Dr. Chirag Maradiya GTU Chandkheda – AhmedabadCompleted2020
4Dr. Rita Jani GTU Chandkheda – AhmedabadCompleted2020
5Dr. Narendra PatelGTU Chandkheda – AhmedabadCompleted2021
6Dr. Mehul Mehta GTU Chandkheda – AhmedabadCompleted2023
7Dr. Anand Kalani GTU Chandkheda – AhmedabadCompleted2023
8Dr. Anand Patel GTU Chandkheda – AhmedabadCompleted2023
9NimeshPatelGTU Chandkheda – AhmedabadSubmitted2023
10NimeshSoniGTU Chandkheda – AhmedabadOngoing 
11Meeta ChauhanGTU Chandkheda – AhmedabadOngoing