Expert lecturers delivered

  1. Motivation, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Polytechnic Amreli
  2. Industrial Design, GEC Dahod
  3. Industrial Design and Synectics, SSEC Bhavnagar
  4. Product Design, LDCE Ahmedabad
  5. Production Technology, SVBIT, Gandhinagar
  6. Carrier guidance, Luvkush academy, Palanpur
  7. Entrepreneurship at SSEC Mechanical Department,
  8. Instrumentation and Automation, GP Palanpur
  9. Operation Research for Industrial Engineering, GEC Patan (Online)
  10. Webinar on Design and Intelligent Manufacturing, Sakalchand University Visnagar (Online)
  11. Expert Talk on Technologies Enables to Industry 4.0, LE college of Engineering, Morbi
  12. Webinar on Industry 4.0: Smart Design and Manufacturing, SSEC Bhavnagar

Teaching with Physical Experience for Enhancing skill and awareness of Safety as well as Industrial Environment in workshop laboratory (GEC Palanpur)





Teaching Learning Innovation (SSEC, Bhavnagar)